Carmen Steffens brand was created in 1993 by the entrepreneur Mario Spaniol, who always worked with leather and used his know-how to produce high quality shoes and bags.

Based in Franca, São Paulo, the factory produces 80% of its products sold in 20 countries and is currently one of the national designer brands with the highest level of international popularity.

With an enterprising vision, Spaniol noticed the leather demand of the footwear sector and before launching the Carmen Steffens brand (his mother´s name), he already had invested at the Couroquimica Tannery – the factory and the tannery stand out as exporting companies, which products count with high standards and enviable structures.

Carmen Steffens grows up each year and consolidates as one of the most desired Brazilian fashion brands. We have more than 215 stores all over the country and 35 abroad, in places such as USA, France, Australia, Spain and Argentina, where we commercialize not only bags and shoes, but also the man edition called Raphael Steffens and CS Teen for teenagers girls between 8 to 15 years old.

In 2011, the brand earned even more status in the national fashion scenario: we opened a Concept Store at São Paulo famous Oscar Freire Street, competitive place of luxury brands.


Carmen Steffens was born with the goal to offer comfortable shoes, bags and accessories with a sophisticated design to our customers, inspired by the latest trends of national and international fashion world, produced with an unique and high quality leather. Thus, its mission is to be the first Brazilian brand recognized worldwide.